Mostly Good Girls

Mostly Good Girls - Leila Sales Find more of my reviews at www.readingangel.comI absolutely adored Past Perfect so I'm not sure why I waited so long to pick up my copy of Mostly Good Girls. I already knew that I was a fan of Leila Sales writing and she did not disappoint. Mostly Good Girls is the story of two girls who had always been on the same path, but suddenly start to find their own way, the problem is whether it will still be side by side.Violet and Katie are such a great pair of best friends to read about. I adored their little "projects" they did together. Even though Violet is middle class and Katie is rich, Violet has to work hard to get her grades and it all comes easy to Katie, they are still inseparable. They make a very funny pair of very innocent 16-17 year olds.I loved the boarding school setting in Mostly Good Girls. It wasn't a wild boarding school we see in a lot of books these days where everyone is acting out, drinking, ect. This is 53 juniors who are working hard to get straight As. Who get offended over the smallest thing. Who are in constant competition against each other. It really reminded me a lot of Chilton from Gilmore Girls and this gets ten thousand hearts from me!! I think Mostly Good Girls was a fantastic contemporary about two girls who are just trying to figure out their place in it all. I know that Leila Sales is one author who is an auto-buy for me, and if you haven't given her a chance yet, and you are any fan of contemporary at all, I'm begging you too now!!