Hell Transporter: 2

Hell Transporter (Volume 2) - Cyndi Tefft Find more of my reviews at Reading AngelI could not wait to fall back into the world of Aiden and Lindsey. I fell so deeply in love with them in Between. They were such an amazing couple and I have been a very impatient fangirl waiting for Hell Transporter to finally get into my hands so I could read more of the sexy Aiden MacRae. I was not disappointed, Hell Transporter meet my expectation and so much more!!I loved that in Between we really got to know so much about Aiden and Lindsey and really see their relationship form. What I loved about Hell Transporter is that there are so many new players thrown in. They are put into the college life and we get so many great characters added. There are some that I loved, and some that I loved to hate, but they all made for a dynamic crew.One of my favorite things was seeing Aiden interact with people and different situations from this time period. There were some very funny moments considering he is thrown several hundred years forward from his original time. He is one sexy smooth man though. He knows how to woo just about anyone over. That boy just makes me swoon.Of course, not all is good in Aiden and Lindsey's life right now. Something nasty is after then, a Hell Transpoter. Aiden can't seem to find it, and it wants Lindsey dead. This is one nasty beasty people!! I wanted to jump in the book and help take care of my man myself (although I'm not sure Lindsey would have appreciated that).Hell Transporter reminded me how deeply I should love, renewed my faith, had my heart skipping beats from passion, and pounding from action. Some truly amazing moments happened, and the ending was so absolutely perfect I was purring like a kitten. If my every day was filled with reading about Aiden MacRae I would be one happy lady.