Pack of Lies (Paranormal Scene Investigations Series #2)

Pack of Lies - Laura Anne Gilman While I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Hard Magic, this book really took the series to a new level. Book one was a lot of character and world development. This book on the other hand really threw us into the action. The team is put on the job of a new investigation from the beginning, and although it seems like a cut and dry case, they soon find out that it's not what the expected, and a lot is on the line.The main character of this book is a kick-butt, never holding back, smart-mouthed, awesome female. I think Bonnie could quickly become one of my favorite female characters. The side-characters have such strong personalities. They each bring something new to the table and make the story even better.Overall, this book was a great mystery that has just the right amount of sexual tension and kept me guessing what was going to happen until the very end. The world is really unique, and while it has it's own set of rules and creatures, it doesn't leave you struggling to remember what is what and who is who. I'm definitely looking forward to another exciting adventure with Bonnie and the rest of the PUPIs.