Past Midnight

Past Midnight - Mara Purnhagen This was a fast and fun read. Charlotte's parents are in the ghost-hunting business, but they aren't trying to prove ghosts are real, they're trying to prove that they're not. They believe that a person can imprint their energy on a place and that all sightings can be explained away by either a human glitch, or energy. When strange things start happening to Charlotte, things that can't be explained away, her parents have to come up with all new explanations.I really enjoyed this book. It didn't revolve completely around the paranormal element. It was just as much about Charlotte, and her normal teenage life. She is tired of being dragged around from place to place, never getting to really make friends. Her struggle as she starts a new school, makes a new friend, and tries to understand what is going on at this school. There's obviously a secret that everyone else knows, but no one will talk about, and it's affecting her friend Avery. It was great to see her struggle with the same thing a lot of teens deal with when starting new schools and trying to fit in.I really enjoyed the characters in this book. Charlotte was smart and fun, but also afraid to be who she really is. Avery, Charlotte's new best friend, is strong and loyal and the type of friend we all need. I loved Charlotte's parents, they were both unusual (obviously considering their profession) but they were also loving and caring parents who really wanted to do what they could to help their daughters.Overall, I liked this book, but didn't love it. There were times when it was a little slow for me. The paranormal element wasn't really anything original. I have hopes that the next book will be better, and I enjoyed this one enough that I will be picking up the next one for sure.