Hungry for You (Argeneau Vampire Series #14)

Hungry for You - Lynsay Sands This was a great addition to the Argeneau Vampire series. It was right on target as a humorous love story that has a paranormal element thrown in. This is the last of the books about the 3 sisters. Each of the previous 2 books in the series were about the other 2 sisters finding their lifemates, and now it is Alex's turn!I really think I enjoyed this book more than the other in the series because the characters took the time to actually fall in love before the whole lifemate part of the equation came into affect. It was nice seeing the human character allow herself to open up and fall in love slowly, instead of being rushed into it.I really love that while each book centers around a different set of main characters you still get a peep into the lives of the past books MC and get to see how their lives are progressing.While this isn't one of my favorite series, it's a nice break to have this lighthearted and quirky series thrown into the mix every now and then.