Here Lies Bridget

Here Lies Bridget (Harlequin Teen) - Paige Harbison Here Lies Bridget is a story of a girl who thinks she knows what she wants and who she is, that is, until she dies. After a car crash Bridget ends up in a boardroom surrounded by the people she cares about most. She is forced to literally "walk in their shoes" and see all the wrongs she has done to them, and realize what a horrible person she has been.Bridget was seriously the MOST annoying, mean person I've ever read about. Of course, that was the point. As we relive her last few days leading up to the crash we get to see what a truly insecure, mean person she is. While I was enjoying the story, the fact that she had no redeeming qualities was very irritating to read.When we get back to the time of the crash, and into limbo, we get to jump into the heads of Bridget's loved ones. There was a few times that reading the same dialogue got on my nerves, but you also get to read how being in the others heads really helped Bridget come to the realization that the things she has said and done has really affected those around her, and not in a good way.Overall this was a story with a very meaningful message about how what you say and do can really affect the lives of the people around you. It was a quick read, and while it had it faults, I still enjoyed it.