Once in a Full Moon (Full Moon Series #1)

Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber Werewolf lure, mysterious psychics, love triangles, what's not to love? Once in a Full Moon has all of these things and more. This was a quick read that kept me entertained from the beginning to the end. Celeste didn't believe the psychics prediction when she told her to beware the woods, snow, and the howling of wolves. After trying to walk home and getting caught in a bizarre snow storm she is surrounded by a pack of wolves. The handsome and mysterious new guy in town, Brandon, ends up saving her. Now Celeste is starting to believe so she takes the psychics last prediction to heart, "Beware a kiss under the full moon, it will change your life forever".Celeste was a fun character. She was fun-loving and had a great heart. While the town divides itself into the "good and bad" sides, Celeste really just wants the gap to be closed so the whole school can get along. She's hoping that her interest in Brandon, who's from the wrong side of town, may be her chance to close this gap. Celeste's friends, while fun and loyal, were a little too snotty for my tastes. Nash, the other end of the love triangle, was just the kind of guy that I would love to see get knocked out...lol. Way too cocky for his own good. He's also the kind of guy that is insecure and tries to cover his insecurities by bringing others down to lift himself up.Brandon was the uber-hot, super sweet and troubled guy that we all love to see as our hero. He was kind and sweet and you just want to cuddle up close on a cold night.The main problem I had with this book is the instant love angle that I'm growing weary of in YA. I like to see relationships grow and become something special and I'm a little tired of the instant total devotion and love aspect. While this took away from the book a little for me, that didn't stop me from enjoying it