The Dust of 100 Dogs

The Dust of 100 Dogs - A.S. King Dust of 100 Dogs was one of the most original, funny, and entertaining reads I've read in awhile. Emer, a swashbuckling female pirate from the 1700's, is cursed and killed and has to live the life of 100 dogs before being returned to a human body. When finally being born back to a human family, she has the memories of the last 300+ years while being a baby and a child. Forced to wait until she can make the trip to Jamaica on her own before she can find her buried treasure, Emer must live the life as a teenager named Saffron, with a family that is broke and dysfunctional.The story would flip between present day Saffron and past life Emer. I enjoyed Emer's story the most. She was a strong willed woman who took what she had to survive. She ends up on a pirate ship and it doesn't take long until she becomes the captain of her own ship so she never has to answer to anyone again. I loved how the past and present intertwined and the past lives of people Emer knew come to play in the present day.I laughed out loud and screamed in rage in the span of only a few pages. There was some moments that were a little ris-kay, so parents may want to crack the spine on this one before giving it to your kid. Overall this book was a great escape (which is what I look for when reading) and I look forward to reading more by A.S. King.