Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale - Cyn Balog Fairy Tale is a quick read that kept me engaged from beginning to end. You start off meeting Morgan and Cam, the perfect couple, together since they were in diapers. It isn't long, though, until Morgan, who is a psychic who's predictions are never wrong, gets a scary premonition of Cam. Turns out that Cam is a fairy that was traded for a human baby the day he is born. When Cam starts coming into his fairy powers everything starts falling apart.Morgan was a great character. She was quirky, with her psychic abilities. She was also loyal and funny. Cam was the all around perfect male. Good at everything and funny and charming. I really liked that they had been together for such a long time. It was sweet to see a relationship that had already been established and wasn't just a "meet and instantly fall in love" thing.The only thing I didn't like was that there wasn't enough conflict in the love triangle as I would have liked. Everyone was just a little too polite and too accepting of every one elses choices to seem realistic to me. The guys were a little too perfect and I wanted to see a little more passion.Overall this was a quick, fun read that pulls on the old fairy lure of changelings and does a good job with it. I think teens will find it a lot of fun, and adults will too. A fun addition to the YA and fairy genres.