Meanicures - Catherine Clark This was an enjoyable way to blow a couple of hours. This book was wrote more for tweens than it was for teens, but it was light and funny, and I had a good time reading it. Madison, Olivia, and Taylor are tired of being humiliated by the mean girls, worse yet, those mean girls used to be their best friends. Now they can't even walk near them with having an insult fly their way. Embarrassed after the worst Monday ever, the girls decide to have a cleansing party, cutting theirselves off from their old friends. They burn their names on pieces of paper, and put mementos of their past friendship in storage. They didn't think it would actually do anything, turns out, they'd never been more wrong. Suddenly, Madison, Olivia, and Taylor are turning into the mean girls. They're saying things they don't really mean, they're pulling mean-spirited pranks, they're evening turning on each other! Now they have to figure out how to get things back to normal, before they've lost all of their friends for good!This book was a little shorter than I would have liked. You didn't really have time to connect with the characters before they were turned into someone else completely. The storyline was funny and easy to connect with. We've all had mean girls in our lives, whether we knew them, or were them. It all depends on how you dealt with them if you made it through unscathed. I loved the karmic fallback of the fun ritual the girls did, and I loved the funny clips that Olivia did on the morning announcements. Overall, this was a entertaining read if you're in the mood for something light when you have a few hours to blow.