Sins of the Soul (Otherkin Series #2)

Sins of the Soul (Otherkin Series #2) - This is such a fun, mysterious, and engaging series. Each book is about one of the brothers and they are trying to find out who killed brother number 4, Lokan, to seek vengeance, and possibly bring him back. This book was centered around Alaster. We still get to see glimpses of Dagan and Roxy, who were the leads of the last book, which was great since I completely loved them!Alaster was a great character. He was flawed and insecure in some ways, but also strong and completely yummy! He missed and mourned the family he had before he realized who he was, but he also let it make him stronger. Naphre was a great female lead. She's a Topworld assassin, an assassin on earth, carrying out the jobs for the demons. Don't worry though, Nephre has her own set of moral codes, she only kills killers. Naphre won't accept jobs that don't fit into the bad guy code. She's strong and funny, and a smart-ass, which I love!This series is great because it's so original in it's paranormal element. I love all the twists and turns that the politics of the underworld takes. The mystery keeps me guessing, every time I think I have it figured out, another twist gets thrown in and I'm trying to figure it out all over again. Overall, this book was just a great as the first and I can't wait to see what happens next!