The Secret of Ka

The Secret of Ka - Christopher Pike I was afraid going into this book that a story that involved magic carpet and genies (djinn) would be corny. Luckily, I was wrong. Secret of Ka was an original idea that was well written and well executed. It was a lot of fun learning the rules of the djinn, how you can only make one wish safely, if you get to the classic three wishes then you are in big big trouble!Sara and Amesh's relationship was the only thing I really had a problem with in this book. I'm getting tired of reading books where the main characters "fall in love" after only spending a few short hours together. Sara and Amesh's relationship was even more unrealistic because they spent the majority of those few hours arguing and then Amesh takes off and betrays her when he gets the djinn. How does this equal love for Sara???Overall, this was a fun story with an original paranormal element, that really drew me in and keep me engrossed and guessing what would happen next. I really enjoyed the action and all the twists and turns that get thrown at Sara. She ends up being a very strong character and takes everything thrown at her and doesn't give up!