Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters - Natalie Standiford Simply Scandalous! Norrie, Jane and Sassy Sullivan are about to spill all. After their grandmother, Almighty, told everyone that unless the person who gravely offended her confesses in writing before New Years, the entire Sullivan family will be cut from her will. Everyone knows that it must be one of the three girls that did it, so the three girls spill all in confession letters that hold nothing back.I was afraid going into this that it was going to be a Gossip Girl knock off, of the stuck up lives of the insanely rich. I couldn't have been more wrong. Each girl's personalities are so richly portrayed that you can't help but love each of them, (although Sassy was my favorite). As each girl tells her tale they begin to confess to love taking over, disdain for everyone around them, especially their family, and even murder.I flew through this book in one days time. Each sister pulled me in and had me dying to figure out what would happen next. The ending was shocking and completely hilarious. I even had to read the last few pages out loud to my brother because I was laughing so hard he had to know what was so funny! I definitely recommend this one to all YA lovers!