Radiance (Riley Bloom Series #1)

Radiance - Alyson Noel This review is going to be short and sweet, kinda like this book. Radiance, was a super quick read. I was able to fly through it in no time at all. The plot started out slow and took a little over half the book to get to the good stuff, but since the book was so short that really didn't matter much. Radiance had a sweet storyline about young Riley and her life after she moves on to the Here and Now, and how's she's trying to accept that and deal with her early death.I liked Riley's character most of the time, although she was pretty whiny. I really liked the idea of the Here and Now. Where are we? "here", what time is it? "now". You can be anywhere you want, dressed anyway you want, with just a thought. The ending of the book was a sweet conclusion. Overall this book was just so-so for me. It may have just been a little too much for the younger age group than I prefer, but it was still enjoyable.