Losing Faith

Losing Faith - Denise Jaden This book was extremely well written and has an intriguing mystery that left me wondering what really happened until the final reveal. Brie is your typical self-involved teen until the night her super religious sister falls off a cliff. Others want to deem it a suicide, but Brie just can't believe that her sister would do that. She starts digging into her sisters last days and everything just becomes more and more confusing. Things also become more and more dangerous for Brie.As for characters, Brie was self-involved at the beginning, but while mourning her sister, and trying to get to the bottom of what really happened, she changes into a much more likable character. Faith and her friend Candace were the goody-goody, sweet religious type, but just good people that you just can't help but like. Amy and Dustin were the type of "friends" that make you think of the saying "with friends like these who needs enemies". Snotty and popular and the exact opposite of loyal. My favorite character, Tessa, who is the scary goth girl that everyone steers clear of unexpectedly becomes Brie's new best friend. She's tough as nails, but also loyal and has a really good heart. She cracked me up several times through the book. And last but not least Alis, he ends up being a great romantic interest for our MC. He's a home schooled boy whose a little quirky but so sweet and cute.I recommend this one to YA and adult fans alike. Mysterious, action-packed with romantic, and religious aspects, but all rounded out nicely to form a great read. I'm excited to see what Denise Jaden comes up with next.