Rising Shadow

Rising Shadow - Jacquelyn Wheeler This was an extremely unique story, and I really enjoyed it. This isn't your normal paranormal tale. Our heroes are super heroes that only get their powers when the balance of good and evil tip in evils favor. Once the balance has been set back (because evil can never truly be defeated, only pushed back) the Soterians will once again lose their powers and be regular college students.This book was filled with great characters, Ashlyn was a strong independent woman who is working hard at finding herself and becoming a better person. When she suddenly develops powers it's quite a shock, but she deals quickly and soon becomes quite a super hero. Our male lead has no powers of his own, but is truly a great guy and is the perfect counterpart to Ashlyn. There love happens quickly, but is built on trust and is beautiful and honest. The other Soterians are a great mix of personalities, I really enjoyed each and every one of them.Full of action, this book had me turning the pages at lightning speed to find out just what will happen next. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is that the author didn't feel the need to fill it with bad actions and decisions on the characters part. The martial arts teacher that leads the Soterians is always teaching them that self doubt will cripple you and to be better people all around.I definitely recommend this book to adult and YA alike. I can't wait to start book 2 and see where the author takes these characters next