Crossed Out

Crossed Out - Kim Baccellia, Carole Spencer I thought the concept of this book was great. It was an original idea that could have made for an excellent book, unfortunately, that just didn't happen for me this time. I loved the idea of the souls appearing to Steph and her having 48 hours to find the place where they died, plant a religious symbol of some kind, and send them to the other side. I really enjoyed that she was able to glimpse heaven in those moments when the soul moved on, that was really beautiful to me.As for characters, I just didn't feel like enough went in to character building, so I wasn't able to really connect with any of them. I felt like I was really missing something in the relationship between Steph and Dylan. It was almost as if this was the second book in a series and we should already know all of the history between them. Since it wasn't book 2, the history was to be assumed and so I wasn't really able to feel the connection between them that was supposed to be there.There were several scenes in the book that needed to be filled out more. There's a super quick scene that happens in the cafeteria, and even though it's brought back up as an important moment in the book, it was so fast I wasn't even sure what happened there and was confused every time it was brought back up. The transitions between scenes needed some work, I felt like it jumped from one thing to the other much too quickly. Also Steph had really poor rationalization, which is a big pet peeve for me. Every time she meets up with our bad boy Mark, she know she shouldn't, but then she'll tell her self the same thing every time. He wants to be with ME, and he doesn't freak out about my gift. I got tired of her using that as her excuse for being with him.By the end of the book I felt like there was several points that needed to be addressed and wrapped up, but were left hanging and confusing. Overall, it was a good concept, and a quick fun read, but it definitely needed some more fine tuning in places.