Nocturne - L.D. Harkrader This is a fantasy book that is full of a fabulous old world charm that I just loved. Everyone in this world has small magic, but for larger protective magic they all come to Anatole's Charms and Book Shop, which is run by Flan (our Heroine) and Anatole (her "uncle").There was some really intriguing characters. As a baby Flan was left on the doorstep of Anatole's. She was named Flannery Lane after the printing on the back of the letter that was left with her. The mystery of Flan's parentage and why she was left there was a great piece throughout the story. Uncle Anatole was a charming old man that I really enjoyed. Pascoe was a mysterious and sexy male lead, although I had figured out the mystery that surrounded him long before it was revealed.As for what I didn't enjoy, there was several places that the story seemed to drag on a bit. Then, there was a big build up to the final fight scene, only for it to fizzle out without a big bang. Also, the ending left me hanging, but not enough to make me want to rush out and buy a follow-up book. If felt more like the book wasn't completed. More loose ends needed to be wrapped up before the book was done.Overall, it was an enjoyable fantasy, but I was left feeling like it was missing something by the time I was through.