Lost for Words

Lost for Words - Alice Kuipers This was a truly griping story of a young girl who is trying to deal with the unbearable grief of losing her sister. Sophie is completely devastated, and her therapist tells her to keep a journal, which is what this book is. Every day Sophie goes through life trying to forget the fact that her sister is dead. Her mother walks around in a daze and barely talks to her. It's been a year spent in a house that is completely quiet. Sophie's love for her sister was completely touching. I felt for her through every page, any little thing that reminded her of her sister brought a fresh wave of pain that was heart breaking. Sophie's best friend is pulling away from her and hanging out with other girls because she just doesn't know how to reach Sophie. Around this time, and new girl, Rosa-Leigh, shows up, and her and Sophie become fast friends. Rosa-Leigh was probably my favorite character in this story. She's from a huge family, and she's completely sympathetic to Sophie's pain, but she's also very blunt in telling her when she's acting like a snot to other people! My main complaint with this book is that the author didn't tell us what actually happened to Sophie's sister until almost the very end of the book. I think it was supposed to be a big dramatic reveal after all the little hints brought up throughout the book, but to me it just ended up being very frustrating.Overall, I was touched and invested in the story from beginning to end, and I definitely recommend it to all of you YA book lovers that enjoy an emotional tale!