Kiss It (Romantic Comedies)

Kiss It - Erin Downing This book is definitely open about sex, it's not exactly raunchy, but it's not far off. A coming of age story about a girl named Chastity, she is very open about wanting to have sex, but is still picky about who she wants to have it with. This is the problem, since in her small town, the pickings are very slim. That all changes when the handsome stranger, Sebastian, comes into the restaurant that Chastity works at. Chaz is determined to win over Sebastian, but he's quite the enigma. One minute he seems interested and the next he's ice cold. Chaz just can't figure him out.I really liked the snarky bark that Chaz's voice held through-out this book, she reminded me very much of me! She was funny and smart-mouthed and genuinely likable. Sebastian was a great male lead, he was sweet and funny, and it took a while to really figure out what he was all about. I like the way the book was left open-ended so that you can choose what you think might happen as the characters lives go on. Several of the side characters had me laughing out loud. The only problem I had with this book is that there was really no consequences for bad actions, which is something I like to see in YA books. For someone my age, this book was very enjoyable, but I wouldn't recommend it to any teens I know. I almost think it would have worked a lot better if the character where in college instead of high school. The only thing that was really dealt with was safe sex, but the issues of teen drinking, the parties, promiscuity, and the vulgar language that were brought up in the book had no consequences at all. I recommend this book to the 17 and up crowd.