Tempest Rising (Jane True Series #1)

Tempest Rising  - Nicole Peeler Jane is the outcast of her little hometown, Rockabill. With the mysterious conditions of her mother showing up in town, naked, during a storm, and disappearing in a storm some years later. And, with the horrible death of her childhood sweetheart, Jason, poor Jane is the "crazy-lady" everyone warns there kids to stay away from.But, suddenly, Jane's quiet little world is turned upside down with the revelation that she is only half human. She's thrown into a world where every type of supernatural creature imaginable is living. With a string of strange deaths, Jane must hope to solve this mystery, or she could be next.I really enjoyed this debut novel. Great characters, Jane is quirky and charismatic, funny and edgy. Hot guys at every turn don't hurt either ;-) Action, intrigue and humor color every page. Great read!