It's Raining Cupcakes

It's Raining Cupcakes - Lisa Schroeder I was really in the mood for something light and fun when I picked up this book, and these light and fluffy cupcakes really hit the spot! This book is set in one of those charming small towns that is full of quirky neighbors and a great atmostphere. Where you could ride your bike to the library, your friends house, or any of the little family businesses in no time. It makes me want to find a town like this of my very own and open up a used bookstore :-)The book is full of great, quirky and engaging characters. Isabel, the main character, is a wistful girl who wishes to travel the world and feels stuck in her little hometown. Her mother is a woman with some anxiety issues. Flighty, yet fun, Isabel spends alot of her time catering to her mothers whims. Her dad, who reminded me alot of my own, is one of those men who have to always be working hard, time off is spent finding something else to work on, yet still finds time to be there for his daughter. Sophie, Isabel's best friend, is one of those girls who is charismatic and always seems to get whatever it is that she wants, but is loyal and friendly too. Her grandmother is a sweet, classy lady who is always there to give Isabel a kind word, a hug, and encouragment when she needs it. Plus, the new quirky, charming neighbors that only add to this books great line-up.It's a great book that is written for middle school aged kids. Isabel learns that it's not all about where you want to go, but who you are with and how much you enjoy where you are. Alot of fun and with all the mention of yummy cupcakes I have a craving to make some cupcakes of my own :-)