Heist Society (Heist Society Novels)

Heist Society - Ally Carter Kat is pulling the biggest con of her life. Living like a regular girl, attending the Colgan boarding school. But when Hale, her friend and fellow theif, shows up and pulls her back into the "family business", Kat learns that maybe she's been away longer than she should have. Her father is in trouble, accused by an evil man of stealing some high-security art. Kat now has to pull the most unusual job of her life. Stealing the paintings from the theif, to return them to the owner, and her families life is on the line. But can Kat pull this job off when she's so out of practice?This is a fast-paced, super-cute, entertaining book. I really enjoyed this one! A great YA read that is original, and a great read for teens and adults alike!