Must Love Hellhounds

Must Love Hellhounds - Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh,  Meljean Brook In 'The Britlingens Go To Hell' by Charlaine Harris, you get to step into hell zone with two bodyguards for hire. Trapped in a cell with huge, fearsome hellhounds as the guards, the two girls have to find a way out. They have to get to the one that hired them before something happens to him. After all "the customers word is law".In 'Angel's Judgment' by Nalini Singh, vampire-tracker Sara is soon to be guild-director. But there is a rogue guild member on the loose, and he's killing vampires with no kill order. She has to hook up with 'The Slayer' in order to track down the rogue, and save the guild.In 'Magic Mourns' by Ilona Andrews, a 3-headed-dog is on the loose from Hades. The head of the hyena clan hasn't even had a chance to mourn for her lost love. The giant beasty is guarding the corpse that has been stolen, and Raphael and Andrea are trying to retrieve it.In 'Blind Spot' by Meljean Brooks, Maggie is sent on a mission, to save her employers neice and nephew, Blake and Kathereen. Finding Blake was easy, resisting him, will be the hard part. After getting over the shock of him being blind, Maggie and Blake, and a funny hellhound go on the hunt for Kathereen. Maybe after saving her from a demon, they can find a little time to explore the sparks between them, if they survive.While I liked some of these stories better than others, (loved the Nalini Singh story) the anthology as a whole was a fun entertaining read.