Speak of the Devil (Morgan Kingsley Series #4)

Speak of the Devil - Jenna Black Morgan Kingsley, excorist extrodinaire, is always in trouble. She flies by the seat of her pants from one disaster to another. Hosting the King of demons in her body, and keeping it a secret, is no picnic. In this book Morgan has been suspended from her job as an exorcist pending a law suit. After an exorcism left Jordan Maguire Jr. a vegetable, his father is sueing Morgan. In the midst of dealing with this Morgan recieves a severed hand in the mail. Her boyfriend recieves a picture that shows her with another man, and although it's doctored, she can't convince him of this. Her car is vandalized, and she's getting letters in the mail threating everyone she knows. She has to go through a crazy journey to find out who this insane stalker is, before they escalate to the point of murder. This was a good read. Not my favorite in the series, but a good addition non the less and I'm looking forward to reading the next.