Arresting Victoria [Incognito: 12]

Arresting Victoria - Madison Layle, Anna Leigh Keaton Drake and Victoria have one wild, wonderful night together, through a company called TPC. But even after a month, neither seems to be able to get the other out of their head. Only problem is, TPC rules dictate that there is to be no outside meeting or contact between clients. After a chance meeting at a club, both Drake and Victoria decide that a relationship might just be worth breaking rules for. Only problem is, Victoria may be getting into more danger than she bargained for.Drake, a P.I. and ex-cop, is working undercover for the police, trying to take down a sex slave ring of minors. With him and Victoria getting close, she may just get caught in the crossfires. They both decide that after the case is closed they would like to see if there was anything more between them then physical attraction. But with Victoria getting caught up in the case, will they both leave long enough to find out?This was a sexy, exciting read. Had me in tears and laughing all at one time. Definitely worth a read, and I will be searching for more books by these authors.