Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson This was an amazing debut novel. It was so great going on this incredible journey with Amy and Roger. Amy is an instantly likable character. She's dealing with some really tough issues and I felt my heart break for her with every page. Amy was close to her Dad the way that I am, and I couldn't imagine something happening to him. I mourned with her the whole way. Roger was an excellent male lead, he was sweet and funny and totally squee worthy! Always in tune with Amy's needs, yet still on a journey of his own, to find out what happened between him and "the ex" that won't answer his phone calls.As Amy and Roger go on this amazing detour of a trip I found myself wishing for a road-trip of my own! Their surprise and delight at discovering Chic-fil-A, Sonic, and Sweet Tea had me laughing out loud (this is all restaurants, etc. from my neck of the woods.). You don't realize how different even those small things can be from state to state. The blossoming feelings of the main characters for each other was subtle and sweet and totally realistic.Amy's emotional journey was way more epic than the external one that she was on. It was such a delight to go with her through all of her emotions and the rediscovery of who she is and who she has become. She really did push through her hardships to become an amazingly strong young woman. I would have been happy for this story and their road-trip to just keep on going for several more books :-) I definitely recommend this read to any and all who love a story of perseverance and young love.