The Summer of Skinny Dipping

The Summer of Skinny Dipping - Amanda Howells Although, this book wasn't as fluffy as I expected it to be, it was still a lot of fun. Mia was a great main character. She went to the beach house thinking that she was going to have one of those great summers with her cousin like she had as a kid, only problem is, nothing is the same. Turns out, her cousin has turned into to one of those stuck-up princess that they used to make fun of together, and Mia finds that it's sometimes easier to compromise herself then it is to stand-up for herself. What was great was that through it all, Mia still knew who she was, and even when she wasn't acting like herself, she was berating herself for behaving that way.There was a great romance, the kind of summer romance that we all dream about having as a teen! Simon was such a great male lead. He was so sure of who he was, and he was completely unashamed to show that to everyone. Funny, charming, and sweet, he swept me off my feet right along with Mia. Mia also comes to realize along the way, that no one is who she really thinks they are. Not her Aunt and Uncle, who have the perfect relationship; not her cousins, who have everything they ever wanted; and not her Mom, who never understands her and never appreciates her Dad. My only problem with the book was there were a few sections that seemed to drag on for me. A scene or two could have been cut without it damaging the story. Overall, this was a fun read that had me wishing I was at the beach, and it had an ending that sent me into a tail-spin of shock! A delightfully fun summer read.